The Magic of W.B. Yeats Fri 18th Aug 2017 7.30pm

Ormston House

9-10 Patrick St., Limerick

The Limerick Writers’ Centre
Ormston House
The Magic of WB Yeats by Byzantium
Fri 17th August 2017 7.30pm

The Event is hosted by
Ormston House, 9/10 Patrick Street, Limerick

Admission is Free. Donations welcome!

Byzantium is a unique group of performance artists consisting of a trained Speech Artist, a Harpist and Eurythmist and a Glass Harp player. They are dedicated to exploring the poetical works of W. B. Yeats as they reflect his spiritual life through recitation, music and movement.
They are: Tom Leonard— Speaker, trained in the Art of Speech Formation as developed by Marie Steiner and Rudolf Steiner. Roxanne Leonard—Harpist and Eurythmist, trained in the Art of Eurythmy Movement, as developed by Rudolph Steiner in collaboration with Marie Steiner.
Cormac Griffith—Musician on the Glass Harp, an instrument originally developed in 18th century Ireland, using water glasses to produce musical tones. Join us for an enchanting evening of 24 of Yeats’ poems which covered the whole span of the poet’s creative life from the 1890s to the 1930s.

Contact Dominic Taylor 087 2996409 or Email for further information.