Tery Murray book launch

Thursday 14th May 2015 at 7.30pm

Flannery's Bar

Catherine St

Teri-Murray-Under-The-Linnets-WingThe Eliza Press invites you to the launch of

Under a Linnet’s Wing by Teri Murray

Book will be launched by Máirtín Ó Briain

Teri Murray grew up in Crumlin, Dublin, and is now living in Limerick. This is her fifth collection. She has also been published in numerous anthologies, including, I Live In Michael Hartnett (Revival Press), Revival Literary Journal (Limerick Writers’ Centre), If Ever You Go (Dedalus Press) and Dream Of A City (Astrolabe Press). Currently writing a novel set in 1919, during the General Strike and the time of the Limerick Soviet.

“If somehow, I happened to be wading through the debris of a post-apocalyptic Ireland in search of some kind of hope… And if a sheet of paper hit me in the face and, on it, was a new, never-before-seen Teri Murray poem, unsigned, lost, riding the ill wind for any survivor to claim… First, I’d know without any doubt that what I was reading was a Teri Murray poem… And second, I’m in no doubt, even in those circumstances, it would contain some type of hope…”

Edward O’Dwyer

“Teri Murray’s poetry has no predecessors and can have no imitators. It affects people, certainly myself, like Billie Holiday’s singing. The bar is notched very high. She – Teri Murray – is writing for herself and for no one; and, so pure is the writing, that she is writing for everyone.”

Richard W. Halperin, from the introduction