Bring Your Limericks to Limerick Winner 2018


The final of this year’s Bring Your Limericks to Limerick international poetry competition took place Saturday night 25th Aug upstairs in Dolans Music Venue, Limerick, Ireland. The unanimous winner this year was Florida native, Jim McLeod, who walked away with the first prize of €500…!

Jim who has lived in Limerick for the past 25 years now resided in Monaleen Heights, Castletroy. He first came to Limerick on a ‘house swap’ holiday, and he and his wife and family loved it so much they are still here. An antique and fine art dealer by trade, Jim doesn’t normally write limericks but having spotted a poster advertising the event he decided to give it a go. His winning limerick he called ‘The Stable Genius’ and was about Donald Trump. Winning the competition with his anti-Trump limerick gave him great satisfaction and if Trump is still in power this time next year he vows to take up the pen again and take another swipe at the Trumpster!

His winning limerick:

A president famed for his spite
Tweeted “I am outstandingly bright.
I’d be perfectly able
To muck out any stable.
Because I am a genius at shite.”

The Bring Your Limericks to Limerick competition is organized every year since 2013 by the Limerick Writers’ Centre.