Book Launch: River People Tues 5th Dec Chez le Fab, Limerick 8pm

A unique anthology of writing from the Limerick Writers’ Centre, called River People, is to be launched Tues 5th Dec at 8pm in Chez le Fab, Arthurs Quay Park, Limerick.

The anthology is the fruit of over 12 weeks participation by a group of older people from Limerick city and county, which began during the Bealtaine Festival last May.  The group, under the tutorage of award winning poet Ron Carey, met at the Barrington Street centre each week learning the rudiments of writing in various genres. The result of that work will now be published by Limerick Writers’ Centre.

Ron Carey, the editor of River People says ‘you will find within these pages stories and poems that lift the spirits, gentleness, poetic insight, tragedy, joy, loneliness, humour, love of life or simply love itself. Here you will find the work of some of the best writers and poets who attended our classes for older people during 2017’.

Director of the Limerick Writers’ Centre, Dominic Taylor is passionate about the benefits for individuals and society when people engage in a creative activity like writing and bemoans the fact that Limerick City Arts Office have a policy of no support for independent publishing, despite the fact that writing and literature is by far the most accessible form of creativity available to ordinary people. ‘If books are not published by small presses then we will be handing over control of what we read to conglomerates, whose bottom line is profit’. ‘Under our community publishing project we have now published 66 titles, encompassing , poetry, memoir, history and general prose, important books that would not be published at all if not for our initiative’ he added.

The Limerick Writers’ Centre holds multiple literary and artistic events throughout the year in Limerick City. The Limerick Writers’ Centre is also an established publisher of poetry and short fiction in the region.

The book will be launched in Chez le Fab Tues 5th Dec at 8pm and all are welcome to attend. It will be available from O’Mahony’s Bookshop and on-line at