Open-Mic at The Acoustic Club Tues 14th March 9.00pm

The Acoustic Club at Charlie Malone’s Bar, Limerick

Open-Mic Tues 14th March 2017 at 9.00pm sharp!


Circuits of Heaven 

Circuits of Heaven is the solo project of writer and producer Kevin J. Power. 

After long-term writing and performing with electronic duo Versives, Power spent 2014 completing a PhD in Philosophy and setting up label and music production company Inner Chapter.

That year saw the early origins of Circuits of Heaven when a collection of songs united by themes of wilderness, memory, and the past emerged. The music is lo-fi but carefully crafted; introspective and atmospheric recordings that fuse organic and synthetic sounds and evoke the lyrical themes.

The first release, debut single ‘Out of Air’, came in October 2015 followed one month later by the debut EP ‘In the Time of Decay’. After relocating to the Dingle peninsula, December 2016 saw the release of ‘Just Came Down From The Mountain’, a more expansive yet focused set of wilderness-inspired songs.

A full-length album Circuits of Heaven is planned for 2017.

The Acoustic Club is a live music venue presenting local, independent and nationally touring performers. It is a non-profit organisation and 100% volunteer operated. Based at Charlie Malone’s Bar, Wolfe Tone St., Limerick, The Acoustic Club takes place every Tuesday at 9.00pm.

All aspiring songwriters, musicians and singers are invited to attend and play in front of a live audience. All types of music and singers are welcome.

The evening will feature performers doing short sets of two or three songs. Also “Special Guest” slots where an established performer will perform a set. Host for the evening is songwriter Eugene Nolan. The Acoustic Club intends to become a regular feature of the live music scene in Limerick.

If you wish to play contact Dominic at to book a spot or turn up on the night. Further details can be got at